Rock and roll, James Dean, Western and Pop styles culminate in timeless models, covered with avant-garde details and luxurious materials, as the perfect ingredients for the production of our shoes.

Production is carefully performed with every detail being meticulously worked.

In terms of finishing, our soul is given away to those who wear the shoes, whether they wish to reinterpret an irreverent rocking style or add a bad boy imprint.

Brand Values
Cosmopolitan Modernity
Minimalist Simplicity

Our differentiating factor
The creation of an authentic and distinct product through innovation in the finishing touches, which result in a modern shoe.

Our identity, our essence

Born within the History of Artur Pinho Vintage Shoemakers, Lda, the brand John Lakes is the result of the company’s experience and desire to present a product with quality to a costumer with an alternative lifestyle.

More specifically, a modern lifestyle in which Men and Women take on different daily roles, assuming a rebel attitude towards their surroundings, in search for their own image as an individual.

Men liberate their irreverent «bad boy» spirit at night, after an intense and formal working day.

Women fight the energetic rhythm of their jobs during the day and, at night, following the sound of Rock and roll, feel free and released, becoming seductive as an absolute jungle queen.


John Lakes brand is the property of Artur Pinho Vintage Shoemakers, Lda, which was founded in 1965, in Arrifana, a town well known for shoe manufacturing in the north of Portugal. Producing classic men shoes has always been the motto.

We are specialized in Goodyear shoes made by experient artisans, proud of their final products.

Our experience leads us to select the best leather from European tanneries, which are carefully managed afterwards. With devotion and pleasure we obtain an unequal shoe in terms of quality, offering the customer higher standards of comfort and durability.

Presently in its second generation, Artur Pinho Vintage Shoemakers, Lda is still a family business based on the high quality standards that reinvent the product. In this context, the brand John Lakes was born, innovative and rebel.



Our production process,

privileges the art of the masters of footwear.


Handcrafted operations carried out in the construction of footwear.

The techniques used in the construction of a shoe have been developing along with our experience.

We started with Blake construction, then Goodyear and more recently Norwegien.

Each one of them can be more challenging than the previous one. Therefore, only with perseverance, experience, effort and dedication could we achieve success in the different types of construction.

All these type of shoe construction are made with sewed soles, however constructions Goodyear and Norwegien involve more than 200 handmade operations as the use of machinery becomes a complementary work.

This is where we make a difference. Machines are not the main force of production. Instead, we value the hands of our 40 employees.

In North of Portugal, we produce shoes that will reach the rest of the world.

We make a difference, because the machines

are not responsible for the production of shoes,

but rather the hands of our employees.


The materials we use are chosen according to selective criteria methods acquired by us over our 50 years of experience.

Noble vegetable tanned leather, usually made in France or Italy, provide a luxurious product in terms of touch and comfort. The groundwork that is done allows a unique final result to which manual buffering is added to create a luxurious look.

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